• Always take the money, having been made redundant twice, latest happening last month, it’s a lump sum of money that you'll probably never have a chance to get in your hands unless you win the lottery.
    If you’re not satisfied with the job, or the people you work with, don’t feel the need to just hang on in there for the sake of a pay packet.
    Having the money frees you up to do other things, whatever they are.

  • Thats the thing, I fairly enjoy the work and the people and the firm overall is good to work for. I just got bested by 4 people with more management experience, (I only stepped into management in June last year). Its just fairly frustrating to be bumped backwards into non management and putting the career back a year or so. Any future management opportunities will come along less frequently and come when I am part of a bigger team with more people also wanting those roles.

    Its been a weekend of much reflection and I have got a lot done round the house as an attempt at distraction. I even managed to not think about it for a whole hour today.

    I will wait and see what the next meeting brings, cant make any choices yet.


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