• Restructure at work has left me without a role in the first phase (management) of consultation and so I'm now rolled into phase two (non management) in which I'm highly likely to get one of the roles seeing as those roles were my old role prior to becoming management.

    I could try for voluntary redundancy which would be a nice wedge and it will be a nice break off point to go move to Sweden like we have been wanting to do for a while but I have no idea what I want to do going forward.

    The other half has said she will back me if I wanted to go back to uni to study or if I wanted to start my own business. But I didn't do very well with uni when I went in my early 20s and I've never really been the entrepreneurial type so not sure what I would do.

    I'm a bit lost to be honest. I'd quite happily move to Sweden and do something completely different. I just don't know what and also I've finally for the first time gotten used to actually not living paycheck to paycheck as I did for the first 35 years of my life and now have a little money behind me. I don't want to go backwards in terms of job or ability to afford things.

  • Let me know if I can help with anything Sweden related, more than happy to chat moving here (back home for us), places to live and work.

  • The difference between you at 20 and you now will be pretty significant. You might find Uni suits you better at this age.

    Also, 2 years ago I went back for a Masters in my late 40s. Even though I am about to start a new role to further my new career, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Learning is not a "one and done" thing. It's finding new things that interest you.

    Perhaps taking the money and then taking some time out to just work it out may be your best option.

  • Always take the money, having been made redundant twice, latest happening last month, it’s a lump sum of money that you'll probably never have a chance to get in your hands unless you win the lottery.
    If you’re not satisfied with the job, or the people you work with, don’t feel the need to just hang on in there for the sake of a pay packet.
    Having the money frees you up to do other things, whatever they are.


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