• some minor tweaks to report as the long-awaited simworks order showed up. alu version of the fun 3 bar now installed with parts bin hope stem. feels exactly like the name suggests, fun, cruisey, ergonomic. the fit is much better too now. interestingly no hands stability increased a lot after the extra 200g on the bars, can't complain. might get the alu enve mtb stem or something crust esque in the distant future.

    the shifter lever was getting on the way when riding more technical stuff in epping and twisted it underneath the bars, shifting works smoother and the parts are better secured from impacts.

    found a rather memey tune carbon cage, which had to go on it too. counting hours to have it in one piece. looking for a king/cargo cage for the downtube mounts. sadly missed out on the recent ones offered on classifieds.

    there's slight progress on the light front too. scored a supernova e3 front on the forum, s/o to seller. the side entry cable version of the new tail supernova is on its way from germany. the plan is to route the cable through the toptube guide. apologies for the epping mud and low photo quality.