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  • Question for all you CdeF lovers. I'm planning on building a gravel bike. I'm stuck between the Croix De Fer framset or a Vagabond.

    I already have a fast tourer, so would a Croix De Fer be too similar?
    Should I just go for the Monster Cross option?

    I rode mountain bikes a lot as a teenager and took the road bike off road a lot last year (I've properly wrecked the wheels as a result), would the Croix De Fer not give me enough extra capability?

    Most of my "off-road" riding is the bridleways around the North and South Downs, although getting up into Epping Forest isn't out of the question.

    I really don't want to buy a hardtail mountain bike, I enjoy the road sections between the "gravel" bits too much!

  • Sounds like the vagabond of Fugio sounds like a better choice for what you want to do rather then CdF. I have an older one (2014?) that was sold as a cx bike but I’d definitely put it in the tourer bracket rather than gravel bracket. Plenty of changes since, might depend what wheels/tyres you want to run as the clearance may be the limiting factor

  • Yeah as above, it sounds like a cdf might not be quite right for what you’re after. I love mine, but I wish I could fit more tyre in it. There are some shots of 650b clearance in my thread here if it helps - I’ve been trying to get the beefiest tyres I can in my frame


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