• Kestral and Max tandem are amazing. The fork on the Kestral, was it red when you got it or did you have it painted red to match the frame? I have some of those EMS forks on my ti Merckx but never liked the carbon look and wondered if they did a range of coloured ones?

    Also I couldn't see from a quick skim of the thread, have you done a pic of the softride with those crazy 5 spoked gold (Russian?) wheels? I think that would be possibly one of the most HHSB's ever. I hope you have some gold Speedo's to complete the ensemble :)

    Ah bugger just looked again the super cool Russian wheels are for track/fixed, so no go on the softride, shame sure would look amazing, especially with the gold tape you have on it.

  • The Kestrel was red when I got it. I think all Kestrel frames came with a painted to match fork. Pretty sure though that the ones that were sold separately were all clear coated.

    Unfortunately the Elite Shape wheel is 700c and takes Softride 650c.


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