• Made a new fork for the 'Dale more in line with the original one. Longer a-c and higher rake is definitely noticeable and feels much more stable. Also made a new rack to boot.

    Snagged a French mystery cx frame off eBay in December and painted it. Weird trackish geo but feels fast!

    Couldn't forget about my gf so built up a new winter commuter for her. Quite the tank but a good steady ride.

    Plenty more pics on Flickr

  • Your French mystery cx frame is a "Racer Sted", from what I've understood it could be from the city of Saint-Etienne.
    I've got one too

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  • The sticker ,Pithioud ,
    is from the biggest 70's cycling shop in Lyon.

  • Jah kinda. I don't recall mentioning but mine had decals referring to Cycles H. Humbert from Vezeronce-Les Avenieres and other decals I took for quite random ones. Same 'Racer' and 'Sted' decals as your's, mine also had 'Solstice' instead of your 'Saros'. Couldn't find any info on the brand Racer which is why I think Fonlupt that was mentioned earlier could be pegged as the maker. Very many similar details.
    Didn't fancy the lavender and gold paintjob so repainted it.