• Basically you just put washers of the same thickness as your dropouts* on the QR skewer next to the hub locknuts; this should then mean that closing the QR compresses the axle and bearings by the same amount as when it's in the frame.

    On the spokes, I guess it depends on whether they were rounded up or down. 1mm shouldn't be critical - some spokes only come in odd increments and some only in even anyhow. Plus fractionally short is usually better than fractionally long.

    *Though thinking about this a little more, if you adjust the QR so it takes the same force to close once clamped down on the washers as it does when in the frame, it should provide the same degree of compression to the bearings?

  • OK I think I follow, so I would use washers when adjusting the hub out of the frame. Not sure I follow your footnote though, it seems like you're saying the same thing as the first line? Sorry for being dense

    Cheers. I might just risk it with the spokes then. From what I understand about the tensioning/dishing process, I would know before attempting to ride on it whether the NDS spokes are critically too short, as I wouldn't be able to dish it properly without having a massive difference in tension on either side?


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