• It will feel very different to a normal hub; the cogging effect you get from the magnets makes it very hard to gauge (and makes it feel very draggy in a way that isn't the case when actually running at speed). The correct bearing adjustment is to set the cones so you can just feel a bit of side-to-side play at the rim when the QR is open, disappearing once the QR is half-way closed. If you've not got a hub vice/dropout washers this is a bit of a faff - the first time I tried it on a dynowheel it took me about 45 minutes! Should be worth it in the longer-term; if you check the adjustment after a couple of hundred miles once run in, you should get further thousands of miles out of it without trouble.

  • Ah yeah that makes sense. Don't have a hub vice - what do you mean by dropout washers though? Googling produced a few different results