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  • Concrete slabs, talk to me...
    There is an old shit one at the back of my garden, I extended it with tiles when we first moved in to create a larger area for shed and dining table (it was previously just a large shed in the centre I would guess).
    I want renovate the whole area a bit more properly and wondering what my options are. The end goal is to have a slightly higher (half a foot higher) area with concrete slab top to match the patio bit connected to the house.
    Will I really have to dig it all up? Can I be cheeky and slab over slab? Google brings up lots of quite complicated looking methods involving bonding layers.

  • Hard to know without more details. I would speak to my builder for exact details but I suspect put stones down over the whole are to a level which suits. Then sand and pave on top of the stones. You may have to dig out the pice which isn’t concrete to get a adequate foundation. That’s my opinion - and I’m not in the trade.


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