• Slightly ot, no building, and knicked from my club forum, someone managed this in Richmond Park this morning. Possibly doing in excess of 20 mph.

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  • Hope the tree is OK, a near 2 tonne hatchback into it at prob 40mph could have killed it.

    Think it was a nissan leaf, new one, pretty quick 0-40 mph, catch a lot of people out how quick they get to that speed, then they handle like a basic hatchback with 600 (or maybe even 800kg? No idea) kg of batteries strapped to the underside and back of it.
    Had use of Renault Zoe/Ze quite a lot this year, and yeah, they get to 40mph quickly, and they turn into a corner quite nicely, but then the physics of a small cheap hatchback with a LOT of batteries in it, quickly starts to take control of the situation.
    End of the day, drivers fault clear and simple, but going to see more electric cars in 'how did it go that fast into that obstacle' type collisions occurring.