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  • A bunch of us bmxers have been working on a DIY spot we call The Gym for the last five or so years. I figured some people might be interested to see it here. I'm not going to put the location publicly but it's not hard to find! We self-funded it from the outset and now have tonnes of people contributing money and time. Our latest driveway is running up a bill of thousands of £££.

    It started as the tiniest wall ride that was pretty tight and steep, very difficult to ride. And now it's a full blown skatepark. Skaters, breakdancers, bladers and moped riders have begun to start using it, sometimes to our annoyance as you can imagine. But don't get me wrong, everyone is welcome if they respect the place and don't put it at risk.

    Would be keen to hear if anyone on here is using it! And if anyone felt like contributing you'll find info on our @metalpegs instagram. You can watch some of the street jams we've put on over the last few years there too.

    Here’s the first wallride and back when there was no graffiti:

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