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  • If I could plug up the irregular holes in the BB (i.e. the two cup faces) then that tactic would work until the caustic soda makes a hole through a cup and all the caustic soda would splurge out over the paint. And it wouldn't really be possible to seal again.

  • Yep dunno why my edit didn’t go through. I’d suggested the possibility of dissolving the NDS first, resting the bike at a vertical angle to avoid flooding out of the drive side with the cup. The BB is down to the frame shell on that side, so if one could (mildly) melt some flat PVC onto the BB shell or find another way of sealing off just that side, that’s half the job done, probably a bit more.

    Just tossing plausible ideas out there, I can see you’re not inclined to try the above.

  • Ah ok cool, you're talking about laying the frame on its side, NDS down? Yeah that sounds like it has a high chance of saving the paint. However, the caustic soda foams a lot when it's reacting, so it might blow out the DS anyway. It foamed like crazy in summer when I got a seatpost out of the tandem frame.


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