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  • I did it last year, think it was the Mark Beaumont version so a slight amendment in that it comes inland at around Melvich instead of going to Thurso etc.

    Did it July and we had amazing weather, only a few hours of rain the entire trip.

    Day 1 - Inverness to Lochinver 370k. In hindsight, this was too much. From memory, there was the most amount of climbing in day 1 and it meant arriving late and being pretty fucked for the second day really. The sensible thing would have been to ride to Ullapool and finish there for day 1 (320k)

    Day 2 - Lochinver to Lairg 300k. I felt quite shit this day and just mentally wasn't there. We had an apartment booked in Lairg but I got to Melvich and decided to get a bnb there. Without doubt the best decision I made the whole trip. Think it was called the 'The Sheiling', guy who ran it was really sound. Let me wash my clothes and made some really good food too.

    Day 3 - Melvich to Inverness - 245k. Probably enjoyed this day the most. As @frank9755 says I wasn't that arsed about the coast bit either, the section where you turn inland was great. The section just south off Kidonan Lodge sticks out as amazing bit.

    So if I were to do it again it would be :

    Day 1 - Inverness to Ullapool 320k
    Day 2 - Ullapool to Melvich 235k
    Day 3 - Melvish to Inverness 245

    Used for the apartments, they were basic but fine. Very few options were available. Worked fine as it was a lockbox set up for access.

    I would say I found this ride really tough! It's pretty relentless, no chance for a rest on a long descent really.

  • Day 1 - Inverness to Lochinver 370k

    Shit, that's a monster day! You must have been really going, given the climbing.

    I started at 5pm off the train in Inverness and did an easy 100km in the evening across to the west coast, and spent the night in the last village before the Bealach. I started on my second day at 4am, aiming to get to Lochinver. I didn't hang around, but I still ended up stopping an hour before at about 8pm.


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