• Picked up this very nice Canyon FK049 full carbon fork but slowly losing my mind trying to understand headset standards. It has an integrated crown race but I can’t work out what I need to make this work. Frame has a straight 44mm head tube, so grabbed a ZS44 Cane Creek which worked out... well, see the photo with the smaller bearing. The larger bearing is from a 1.5 inch headset lower (FSA Orbit ITA) and obviously doesn’t fit either...

    So, what am I missing? Diameter of the crown race seems to be 1.5 inches at the base. Thanks in advance!

  • What does it look like when fitted to the frame?
    I'm not saying it's correct but the smaller bearing could be correct if the recess in the head tube is sufficiently deep enough. There would have to be a bit of a gap to stop the bottom of the head tube rubbing the fork crown...
    Could it require a 1 1/4"?


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