• But the proposed route is far from straightforward


    Fulham Reach is an amazing club that does loads of work with local state schools and is making rowing much more inclusive Would be a real shame if a route was chosen that made operating the club impossible (and as a frequent rower on that stretch of the Thames it is super tricky - the stream really picks up past their pontoon and launching or turning small boats between a bridge and a busy ferry would be treacherous.)

    A functioning pedestrian bridge would clearly be ideal - doesn’t really feel like the mark of dynamic society that we’re replacing the bridges (that replaced ferries) with ferries

  • Oh, I agree, too--I doubt any such proposals will be entertained seriously once they get put before people who know what they're doing. You always get a flurry of suggestions for just about anything in such cases, often under the banner that 'something must be done'. I'm sure a ferry service would already have been launched if (a) it was easy and (b) idiots stopped trying to play politics with it.