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  • I am not too heavy but heavy enough and from my so far amateur experience at LV is that as soon as my tyres start losing their grip I feel that I have to put much more power to stay in my line up the banking otherwise it skids sideways and feels terrifying! A tiny millimetre of that side movement and I can feel it right away (you can see the difference of how much easier it feels when your tyres are good and brand new).
    Also regarding forces you have to think the triangulation/basic trigonometry of those in a 3D fashion (vertical gravity dictated by counter force from board resistance + lateral force pulling you down to the left. And all that of course affected by your forward acceleration (third dimension). The more the gravity, the more the board resistant AND the force that wants to take you down the banking.

    All explained pretty nicely here:­m=1

    To find how your actual weight translates in all this formula, you’ll have to analyse it in relation with the g force.

    I quote the last paragraph that gives a nice example:
    “ Things get much more interesting for the world's best track sprinters, who experience around 2g in the turns during their flying 200 metre time trial. If you have a 95kg track sprinter flying around at 75km/h, the bike, wheels and tyres are supporting the equivalent down force of over 200kg.
    This is why track sprint bikes and wheels have to be made extra strong, and also partly why track sprinters run extra high pressure in their specialist tubular tyres.”


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