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  • Hi all, I have seen a few threads about riding in the Alps, but I want to start another one, based on a specific project I am working on.

    First thing first, the Alps is a mountain range that spans from Slovenia (and a bit further if you wish) to France, as opposed to what is generally regarded as "Alps" referring to "French Alps" in a TdF misguided way.

    With this in mind, I am trying to put together a route that traverses them, using high roads, ideally unpaved, trying to link great old military roads and famous passes alike. I am basing my inspiration on @jameso great route that is the TNR. I have been through few parts of this route already, but I'd say 90% is uncharted terrytory.

    As usual, I make use of RWGPS and its fantastic heatmap for planning this, but some stretches might be just suitable for full blown DH bikes at specific times of the year or I might be simply missing out on great places I have no idea about. So I decided to take it back to LFGSS for anyone that wants to chip in with tips and ideas.

    The current route is here below, from Ljubljana to Geneva.

    Current route based on:

    • Alpine bike: Specific route to cross Switzerland on MTB
    • RWGPS heatmap
    • Strava heatmap
    • Several hike a bike trails

    Future considerations:

    • Rough Stuff Cycling in the Alps

    Any input is very welcome.


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