• Hi all - been a lurker/occasional poster for about a year, thought it was about time to stop compulsively checking the memes thread and post something here for some build inspo and advice

    To absolutely no-ones surprise, I've built up an old-school steel MTB as a functional do-it-all bike for commuting and occasional touring: a 1986 muddy fox courier.

    Bought it in February last year, with the intention of slowly overhauling it and learning as I go. This was pre-pandemic and my idea was to do all this at London Bike Kitchen, seeing as I had nowhere to work on it in my tiny flat. Then the pesky old panny-D hit, so reduced finances and lack of space meant I was reduced to bodging essential repairs in my living room, aided by youtube tutorials and an inadequate selection of tools.

    Here's how it looked when I first picked it up from an eBay seller (non-drive side photo taken before I learned the ways of posting pictures of bikes on the internet):

    Since then, It's had the following repairs/upgrades:

    • serviced BB and hubs
    • new chain and cassette
    • new koolstop brake pads
    • panaracer pasela tyres
    • jagwire cables
    • old and sticky (but nice looking) suntour xc RD replaced with cheapish but nicely working shimano acera
    • bars and stem swapped out for some beater replacements after the original ones got squished by a van while locked up
    • racks, mudguards, fancy brooks saddle etc.

    New job and moving in with my partner mean I now have both the funds and outdoor space to consider this a 'project' rather than routine maintenance. Hoping this will be the first of many builds now I have somewhere to keep more than one bike, plus tools and a stand.

    The next thing to do will be replacing the wheels. Reasons for this are partly out of necessity (rear hub is super gritty despite a recent service), and because I'd like a dynamo setup. Any suggestions there would be very welcome! Inspired by other people on here to teach myself how to build them up, but would be starting from first principles. Also keeping my eyes out for some gravelking SKs or something a bit more knobbly than the paselas

    I'll also be replacing the cockpit. I have a secondhand silver muddy fox stem which should look a lot better than the parts bin black one I currently have. I'm undecided about going back to riser bars, or sticking with these north-road style ones. At the moment it feels very 'gentlemanly' and upright which is nice and comfy for the commute, but feels a bit too relaxed for razzing round epping forest, and makes it harder to do wheelies to impress my mates

    Also currently looking for a silver Pelago commuter rack (or similar) for the front and might switch up the pannier rack for something more matching.

    Hoping the warmer weather and continuing lockdown mean I'll be spending a fair amount of time on this over the next couple of months


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