• Intense. Interesting to visit/stay but not to live, for me.
    I like the outside a lot but not the inside - the photo you chose I extremely dislike but looking at the other photos it's really only that part, the other images just make me feel chilly just looking at them. Feel that damp Belgian air and the leaves scattering across the stone floor...

    Is this the bed? Also the model with the fallen figure is creepy.

  • https://www.architectenwoning.be/project­en/aw-robert-bob-janvier

    Surely this is actually a mixed workspace that turns into a club Thurs-Sat.

  • This house reminds me of those homemade cars. Some builder saw a modernist villa in LA and thought he'd knock one up himself and add a Bauhaus paint job.

  • This is great. Too austere for me too I think but loving certain bits of it, especially the pond/gutter drain and the statement fireplace/blue box!


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