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  • Not sure this is the right place to post this but as I was a rider down last Thursday 4th Feb 21 and thought, I would share my experience here partly to say thanks to all those who stopped, I had three doctors there in about 3 minutes and partly to share my experience to see how common it is.
    So on Thursday morning I was cycling to work at about 7:30 down Quietway 1 at Rothsay St. in Bermondsey approaching the Junction with Law St saw the junction had been deliberately obscured by two parked vans so slowed down and passed the blind spot created by the parked vans only to find another van coming towards me down Law St neither of us were going fast but I braked because there was no where for me to go. And that was it, the bike skidded out from me and my hip hit the road full force, I bounced when I landed and my Femur was broken close to the ball at the top, unbelievable pain. Really luckily the ambulance was there within 10 minutes and the driver of the on coming van piled me with builders jackets whilst I shook on the street.
    In shock I was taken to St. Thomas's Hospital A&E I did not realise till then there are Minors and Majors sections of A&E at St Thomas's. I was in Majors which should have enlightened me on my situation which I was still convinced was really bad bruising and hoped I might be walking out with some painkillers and bed rest later that day.
    In the old days they used to pin a break like this but because blood circulation is critical the pins often went wrong. Now for high fractures, those near the hip ball they prefer to do a Hip Replacement as long term outcomes are much better. God knows what the outcomes were in the old old days.
    On Saturday following a diagnosis of Femur fracture I entered my octogenarian years early and had a full Hip Replacement on my left leg and yesterday, Tuesday I left hospital after the physio-therapists had trialed me on a flight of stairs, to start my recovery anything from 6 to 12 weeks with full recovery at 6 months.
    So how many forumongers have had a similar experience?

  • Good lord A. Sorry about your accident but glad to see you are on the mend.

    My only advice is do your rehab. Hope to see you back on Q1 soon.


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