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  • Thanks @bobble

    Little update as any 6 cylinder BMW will have some issues. I actually got this car dirt cheap from a local lady who claimed it had valve timing issues. I took the punt.....

    Why have 1 working car, when you can have 2 broken old BMW's :-)

    After quick diagnostics on my VM, I found a single issue in DME (engine mgmt) for intake Vanos jammed. Very common issue.... as vanos is very dependent on oil viscosity & oil pressure.

    I did a quick oil change, fitted a new oil filter cage & oil filter cover, as these can effect Vanos badly and fit a new vanos solenoid. Now it is running sweet, and consider that I got myself a bargain.

    Regarding the E38 everything is still pending the house move (should be in the next month).
    I have a new interior coming shortly;- grey piped comforts, in very good condition, plus I will be retrofitting the rear blind.

    Plan is a two-tone interior, all black with grey leather door inserts and grey front & rear seats. *Should look decent :-)