• With a slight fettle of the gears to go I’m there. Might be some more chopping of the steerer in the summer, but I’ve been doing too much mountain biking recently to go any lower for now. Loud blue spacers to demonstrate in perfectly comfortable with my stack, so leave me be. 😜

    Lucky I got the XL. That’s a maxed out post.

    Realistic to do list;

    1. Helitape.
    2. Index gears (super easy with Di2!)
    3. Centre front rotor - slight rub currently.
    4. Swap out valve stem nut for black one from current purple.
    5. Go and find a massive hill and regret my life choice.
    6. Take nice photos.

  • The colour combo looks great! I am thinking of buying the same frame in XL. How tall are you? I presume you are on the top end for that frame. Have you experienced an issue with the slipping seat post?

  • 193cm. All legs and arms though.

    Seatpost; we’ll see. Shake down is scheduled for tomorrow. Didn’t slip up and down the lane though.

  • No slip on my first 15 mile shake down. Tomorrow we go again.

    XL = no toe overlap with size 13s and 175mm cranks. Wish this had been researched more by reviewers. Basically all of them say it’s a problem on this bike and it was one of the reasons I didn’t buy one of these last year when they were on Merlin offer originally.
    Live and learn I guess.

    This thing is an absolute rocket. The handling at speed is on another level vs my CAAD12. Much enjoy. 10/10. Will ride again.


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