• :(

    Is the real stuff out for cost reasons? I thought you had some bitcoins you could sell?

    This may SHOCK you but I'm thinking about doing wooden flooring in our eventual bathroom (which we've decided is going to be the top back bedroom, it will basically be a fancy ensuite on the same floor as our loft master and when we get round to it we'll do a cheapo shower room in some of the bedroom below for the paupers guests).

    I was going to do Siberian larch flooring on that floor before we decided to put the bathroom on the second floor and we've had a load of it getting wet outside since we built this place and it's fine. It's not like it's going to be a bathroom for splashy kiddies. So a wood that's happy getting wet + suitable waterproof oil will be fine I reckon...

  • Nah it’s not cost, it’s the fact it’ll be a 40+mm height change between the floors which is crazy talk.


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