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  • Communication is via discord. The WTRL TTT is a bit of a hack workaround so there's a real process to getting the start right - half the fun.

    Teams can be mixed ability and graded accordingly. The main thing is working together well. If there's an A rider then probably put them on the front for long turns but not pushing threshold for drafting B/C/D riders in the team.

    It's fun but so popular now that sometimes the wait in the start pen can be very long, over 10 minutes.

    If team was new and couldn't check their Zwiftpower results, I'd say a reccy ride as a group would be almost essential.

  • Ha yeah the team time trial is a bit complex.

    Your team captain usually tells you what to do though. So, download discord app, get invited to group - that makes communication during race easy and its set to only turn on the mic when you talk so you don't just hear trainers and fans.

    Team captain then tells you which event to join, and how to set up a Zwiftpower account, and how you add your team tag to your name. You don't need to worry about what grade to enter - the team captain checks all the grades of the riders based on their figures and enters correct event. If an ungraded rider puts out mega watts the team automatically gets upgraded after the event.

    The only difficult bits are:

    • At the start, when the event starts you have to sit and wait for your team captain to tell you to go (s/he is timing the start so you go at your alloted time in real life)

    • During the race, drafting each other in a line is optimal, so you need to communicate a bit. It's best to ride at a pace all riders can maintain with stronger riders doing longer turns, just like in real life. Its waaaaaay harder than in real life though...

    My team were really keen but then one by one couldn't make it after 3-4 races so I'd be keen to get another team going and I'd happily manage all these pesky logistics, as long as there are 4 keen riders of any ability who will commit to doing things like setting up a zwiftpower account and not being a dick and riding off in to the sunset as soon as the banner drops.

    It makes otherwise-boring zwift a bit more interesting on Thursday evenings!