• Can I ask what gubbins came in the box with the RX4 calipers?

    I'm looking at getting some second hand and the chap says they come with the bleed block that was in the box. But is there anything else for them that was in the box? Any bleed adapters etc?

    Whats needed to bleed them? I have a full shimano bleed kit but is there anything needed for the caliper end?

    Edit - in my excitement I failed to realise google could help me, just watched the rx4 bleed procedure on youtube and see that I already have the type of syringe needed for the caliper.

  • They usually come with the syringe and attachment - all 4 I’ve purchased have anyway.
    My original ones came with a Shimano funnel adapter, but they appear to have dropped that now and it sounds like you don’t need that anyway.
    Olives and all that jazz.
    Bolts for fitting.
    2 sets of brake pads: 1 Road. 1 Gravel. Ive used both. Depends how much bite you like...

    If you want some Purple ones; post front and flat mount rear let me know.

    In 3T news: just the bar tape to wrap and helitape application. All the fun stuff.

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