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  • What's the situation in Richmond atm?
    I can't see anything on the website saying it's closed to bikes but thought I should ask before I head down.

    Anyone been recently?

  • It’s all open to bikes - the stretch down dark hill (think that’s what it’s called) from car park to car park is closed to cars which is nice, and they also shut off sawyers hill to cars on the weekends.

    Is it a downside that people are using the road as a walkway now that it’s much closer to being an actual park? Sort of, but much better than the alternative.

    My go to at the moment now that Windsor loops have become a bit naughty.

  • It’s open afaik but it was busy with riders when I went in a few weeks ago. Just bear in mind you’ll be riding in the vicinity of a LOT of other riders. Particularly if you’re passing, you’ll be riding in the wake of a lot of other riders before passing them. I know it’s outside, but you will suddenly be coming into the proximity of hundreds of people.


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