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  • I'm wondering if a heavier rider needs to ride at a higher speed to stay on the boards on a 42 degree banked velodrome than a lighter rider.

  • It often seems that way (watching how slow junior riders can go around the banking without sliding off compared to adults) but...

    a)I’m not clever enough to know how the physics works. It seems to me like a heavier rider would be pushing the tyres into the track more and therefore have more grip than a lighter rider. Perhaps this is the case up until a point and then the extra weight overcomes the grip?

    And b) I suspect a lot of why junior riders can go slower is due to them having less fear and so being less tense and having a smoother pedalling style. Tensing up, white knuckling the bars and jerky pedalling are definitely detrimental to keeping the rubber side down and the collarbone in one piece.


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