• We got some designs back from the architect - we’d decided against the extension but they’re trying to lure us back in and a bigger kitchen does sound nice.

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  • Just do it, it’s stunning.

  • It would be useful to be able to move between kitchen room and living room without going via the front vestibule

  • Flat roof can be a maintenance pita

  • I only saw the first colour pic and thought 'why don't they go all the way across the back?' then I saw the second pic and thought 'fugly'.

    I had a similar extension all the way across the back on a similar red brick house but we had a pitched roof which IMO looks nicer.

    So my preference would be all the way across but try to make it look more attractive.

    Will try to dig out some pics

  • here are a few pics that i can't load in order but basically going from

    • house with side extension on left of pic built before we moved in which contained a kitchen at the rear and a garage at the front. first pic has ratty and rotten single pane glass and wood conservatory
    • house with conservatory removed
    • rear extension in place
    • extended patio in place


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