• Some rough costs below since we’ve been through this recently:

    Extension costs. Across the way had double height extension on one side, about 4m wide. That cost him £115k all in, finished. Quotes for the building work for a single height full length extension on ours was going to be £40k, or around double that for full height. So that means glazing, plumbing, plastering, decorating etc is going to add around £30k on top. Bifolds add around £10k depending who you get them from.

    Our 3x3.5m IKEA kitchen was about £3.5k I think, with fairly modest worktops, including non IKEA sink but not including appliances. Fitted everything myself. Kitchen plastering is about £1k if you need bonding coat. Ceiling extra. Skips £280 each.

    We’re way out in the burbs, so obviously London costs are going to be higher once you start factoring in trades’ higher costs due to ULEZ vans, parking, skips, access etc etc. Can’t imagine being a trade in central these days, I literally can’t work out how you make that work.


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