• Standard article on the latest version of the plans:


    In summary: Canary Wharf, as a major destination, to be moved into Zone 1, and the previously-announced £3.50 charge for driving into London, plus a £2 charge for 'more polluting vehicles'.

    Other proposals include:

    • Cutting bus services by four per cent by 2024/25, mainly by reducing 25 routes in central London from eight buses an hour to six
    • Continuing to raise fares annually by the RPI rate of inflation
    • Finding a further £730m of savings within TfL
    • Reviewing the “reward strategy” of staff pay and bonuses and the costs of the TfL pension scheme
    • Delaying the reopening of the Night Tube, Night Overground and Waterloo and City line
    • Off-peak service reductions on a number of Tube lines once the vaccine roll-out is completed

    These are largely revenue-raising proposals that seem forced on Khan because of the Government's aggressive stance towards him, but:

    A TfL spokesman said last night that a feasibility study would take six to nine months to complete and that no decision had been made to introduce the boundary charge. He said moving Canary Wharf into zone one was “just a potential option for the future”.