• ... against your similar size and clearance titanium frame!
    Why? because I live on my boat from last September and reynolds 853 doesn't like the atmosphere that much.
    I didn't try to acclimate the frame, I'm not using it from the time I moved on the boat and it's stored in a dry place, don't want to try!
    It's a bit sad having such a nice bike and not being able to use it, so I might consider a titanium equivalent !

    I'm also open to offer about carbon mtb forks: enve mtb/whisky N9/salsa ...

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi! I have this van tuyl Tica frame measuring 57 cm with enve fork. As it is for Canti brakes I am open to negotiations if you would like me to throw in some bits to compensate. Let me know if you are interested

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