• Got to say there’s no better show of white privilege than what’s going on in Washington right now.
    The difference in approach and action/inaction in relation to a majority white crowd storming the Capitol, and stopping the senate confirming the election results and the BLM protests over the summer are so stark as to be laughable.

    Where’s the tear gas, the plastic bullets, the riot police?
    And imagine the response if those BLM protestors had come armed?

    Fuck me!

  • Now I agree with you corny, you are right and not the only one saying that, but that is not the point I am failing to understand. The problem I have is people comparing the 'corbyn' people reaction to what is going on in the US compared to the BLM distruction of the bristol statue. How is that even a comparable?

    Can you suffer from fatigue of hate?

    Bit too tired to typed and think. will add more

    Got called a white traitor on social media, I wish I could have posted the link from In Bruges about the blacks against the whites...

  • Account of the riot from Black Capitol Police officers. Unsurprisingly, they feel let down and ignored.