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  • Spotted this bike fly-tipped at the side of a road one day, went back the next day on the cargo bike and rescued it.

    I’ve taken some parts off of it as I have use for them on another project and I’ve fitted some new and some lightly used parts to turn what was left into a nice wee bike which I’d like to sell to benefit a charity.

    The derailleurs were seized and damaged so I’ve removed them, making it a simple singlespeed.

    Lightly used parts from my spares box:

    Cinelli Unicanitor saddle
    Bontrager swept handlebars
    Shimano brake levers
    Axis brake callipers
    ACS singlespeed freewheel
    GB stainless steel mudguards
    BMX flat pedals

    Brand new parts:

    KMC 510 chain
    Jagwire brake cable set

    I'd like just £70 for the bike which is the cost of sponsoring a space in the SSPCA bird unit for a year. I’m happy for that donation to be made in your name or you buy the bike from me and I make the donation.

    Bike is in Newlands, I can load it on my cargo bike and deliver so long as it isn’t too far!

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