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  • @LeChef Aluminium BB cups. I wouldn't be too precious about small paint blemishes from tack welding, though I think finding someone to weld an alu bar the the cups might be difficult.

    @M_V If I rule out all other options I will then go the caustic route. I like the paintwork on the bike so this would be a shame. I still have some caustic soda since I released a seatpost from the tandem. Thanks for the window box recommendation. Could I save the paint by pouring caustic solution down the seat tube and then standing the BB area in a window box of water while it works? I would hope that the water would stop any seeping caustic solution from sitting on the paint work long enough to hurt it.

    Though I'm not averse to repainting the frame, it's just £150-200 that doesn't need to get spent on this project. And the paint is so nice already.

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