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  • Just because I’ve seen it happen, you’re definitely undoing the cups in the correct direction, right?

    Hopefully you’ve managed it but I’m wondering if you’ll be able to apply enough leverage with an angle grinder spanner without it popping out as you torque.

    I’d have a crack at that method, just to see if it works. If available try using a >1m pipe on the spanner for leverage, with wd40 on the cup. If that doesn’t get it out, I’d move straight onto dremel cutting wheel, cutting the cup into 4 or 6 pieces and gently pushing/prying them out without damaging the threads.

  • I gotta buy an angle grinder pin spanner.

    I should really mount the pin spanner it in a vice. And first, I think a QR skewer through the BB spindle can hold the pin spanner securely into the cup.


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