• Please note this list closed.

    All the orders were made, sent, and the money (£580!!) has been given to charity.

    I can make people decals, but this Plague Island list has finished.

    If anyone would like decals, Plague Island or otherwise, they’ll be sorted on an individual basis.

    UPDATE 10:00 05/01/2021

    I'm on my way to hand over £580 to the Scrapstore, thanks to a few other little jobs the number has risen just that little bit higher. Very grateful all. Will report back later.

    UPDATE 20:00 30/12/2020

    Thank you everyone! I have packed up and sent all 48+1 envelopes of stickers to you all. They all went by First Class, handed to the post office around 16:00 this afternoon as promised. I hope there were enough freebies in each, if not (or if any other problems) please pm me asap.

    So here are some totals for you:
    Total stickers requested: 165
    Total stickers packed and sent: over 250 (yes, it was a long ass week)
    Total raised, estimated at £2.50 donation per sticker: £412.50


    Many of you gave more than the asking price, so that number is above £500!!

    Total raised


    Update 21:30 29/12/2020


    Thanks everyone who has put their name on the list.

    There are only a few of you who haven’t paid. Please pay ASAP.

    This is so I can get everyone’s stickers sent at the same time, and more importantly so I have the money ready to give to the charity.

    Thanks all.

    *In celebration of the New York Times referring to UK as Plague Island, I made a couple stickers.

    As there is interest I will make a limited run of Plague Island stickers.

    If you don’t know, I cut, weed (it’s a technical term) and stick these things myself, and it’s all ‘artisan’. This means after the design, I load the vinyl into the machine, remove, weed the cuts, apply the decal layer to a backing layer, then cut all to size. It isn’t printed, it isn’t automated and it isn’t Chinese-factory level precision. There will be signs it was made by hand.

    You can see more decals here:


    I am in debt, without employment, living a medical condition in my mid-30’s, with my ageing parents. I also care for mum who is disabled. HOWEVER! I rarely do anything for a profit. I am not doing these for my own gain, and only want the material costs covered.

    I would like to raise money for charity when making these stickers.

    I would like £3.50 per 85x55mm Plague Island sticker, minimum. Plus postage of your choice which will be the cost of a stamp for the most part.


    One Sticker: £3.50 + post
    £1 goes to me for materials
    £2.50 goes to charity

    Two Stickers £6.50 + post
    £1.50 to me
    £5 to charity

    Three Stickers £9.50 + post
    £2 to me
    £7.50 to charity

    Four Stickers £12.50 + post
    £2.50 to me
    £10 to charity

    Five Stickers £15.50 + post
    £3 to me
    £12.50 to charity

    Add £1 for postage.

    The proceeds raised will go to:

    Swindon Children’s Scrapstore


    I volunteered there through the first lockdown, and they have worked tirelessly to provide food and support to vulnerable members of the community. I’d like the money going there to help get supplies and pay running costs for the services they provide. Their income as a charity has been hit hard by the retail shop being closed each lockdown, but they have worked 7 days a week behind the scenes for the local community.

    The more stickers you buy, the more likely I am to throw in other decals and stickers (chosen at random) as a gift.

    You are welcome to donate a greater deal than the asking price and all that extra money will go to the Scrapstore. I will only take the material cost.

    Cut-off date for payment of the first run of stickers is TUESDAY 29th DECEMBER 2020.

    I will then post everything on 30th, to arrive first week of Jan.

    Please form an orderly list below, and pm me to arrange either Paypal Gift, or bank transfer, to avoid all fees. If you must use a service that uses fees, please cover it so the charity doesn’t lose out.

    Neon Orange
    Neon Pink
    Neon Lime
    Aqua Blue (possibly neon, need to double check)
    Reflective Silver (like things on my decal thread)
    Other colours TBC

    Backed onto very dark green-black sparkly backing.

    You may also request clint stickers (shown here to demonstrate neon orange). Identical pricing structure to above.

    You can mix colours and designs, ie two pink PI’s, a pink clint, an orange PI and a lime clint.

    I hope this is fairly priced?



    1. Jonny69 1x PI neon pink 1x neon green (paid)
    2. Greenhell (paid)
    3. Aroogah - 2 x PI in Neon Pink and 2 x Clint Neon Orange (paid)
    4. zazkar 3x PI variety of best colours please (paid)
    5. Mark - 3x PI - neon pink, neon lime, reflective. If the mix is a pita dealers choice. (Paid)
    6. aglet - 3×PI — pink, reflective silver & a surprise please (paid)
    7. paininthe - x3 variety (paid)
    8. moocher - 3x PI + 2x Clint dealers choice (paid)
    9. Colinthebald tenner sticker (paid)
    10. ElGonzo - 2x PI in Neon Pink (paid)
    11. ArfurPill - 2x PI in Neon Pink (paid)
    12. Citron - 5x PI in Neon Pink (paid)
    13. Doubleodavey - 2x PI + 3x Clint dealers choice (paid)
    14. 'your pal' fizzy bleach - 2x PI (pink and orange) (paid)
    15. Baz schmaz 2X neon pink Clint. + 2 reflective silver clints. + 1 surprise. (paid)
    16. PornishCasty - 3x PI in Pink, Lime & reflective please! (paid)
    17. Black math - 1 x PI in pink, 2x Clint in pink (paid)
    18. Scoot - 2x PI in Neon Pink (paid)
    19. si_mon628 - 1x PI in pink, 1x PI in orange, 1x PI in lime. Thanks! (paid)
    20. Kdregg- 2 x PI in lime 1 PI in pink (paid)
    21. cgg - 2x PI in pink, 2x Clint in orange (paid)
    22. Amey - 1x PI in Neon Pink 1x PI in reflective (paid)
    23. M_V 2x PI, 2x Clint. Whichever colours come to hand first please. (Paid)
    24. Dsalmon 3x PI Neon Pink (paid)
    25. DethBeard - 2xPI (Neon Pink and Reflective) (paid)
    26. Geoffnotsle - 2 x PI Neon Pink and Reflective (paid)
    27. GLWS - 5x PI, one of each color (paid)
    28. Seager - 3x PI in pink (paid)
    29. f1s - 2x PI in reflective (paid)
    30. atz - 2x PI in pink, 1x PI in reflective (paid)
    31. 3c70 - 2x PI, pink and blue (paid)
    32. el_presidente - 5x PI random colurs please (paid)
    33. stelfox 3x hot pink PI (paid)
    34. Tallboy 3x PI, pink orange silver (paid)
    35. reulbg 2x hot pink, please (paid)
    36. EB - 1 x PI in Neon Pink 1 x PI in Neon Orange and 2 x Clint Neon Orange (paid)
    37. punkture 3x neon pink 2x Clint in pink (paid)
    38. Meneer 5x PI, 3 neon pink and 2 reflective silver (paid)
    39. Sinthewood 5x mix PI (paid)
    40. knowthejo 1 x Pl Neon Pink 1 x Pl Neon Lime (paid)
    41. Adroit. 5xPI of your choice / whatever you have. (Paid)
    42. Zed - 5xPI of your choice / whatever you have (paid)
    43. 2slices - 4xPI happy with a mix of fluorescent colours. (Paid)
    44. Samuelson - 3xPI, Lime, Orange and silver if poss. But happy with whatever you have. (Paid)
    45. Clipon- 3 x PI, in any colour left please (paid)
    46. HjustH- 1x PI, prefer silver but dealer’s choice if out. (Paid)
    47. shoes - 3xPI - Happy with any colours that are available (paid)
    48. JanP - 1x PI (paid)

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