• Why do they insist on making these announcements and then not updating the .gov guidance??

    We’re in tier 4 (Hertfordshire) and we’re in a childcare support bubble (child under 1) with my wife’s parents.

    During the press conference:

    1. Those in tier four are banned from travelling outside their tier (including for Christmas)
    2. “If you’re elderly or lonely” you have the consolation of forming a bubble

    Are childcare support bubbles still a thing? Can they travel across tiers? What about when another household (brother in law & wife) are there on Christmas Day?

    It feels like these things could be easily understood from the .gov if the bullets are updated but, with the changes coming in 6 hours, I don’t even know if I should pop over quickly and deliver presents (they live 20 mins down the road) or quickly pop to Tesco now that we’re eating alone for the next two weeks.

  • I'd take the presents today.
    You'll be able to shop.tmrw.

    Plus you'll be able to.wave etc


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