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  • I will first try to release the RH cup, which is not mashed. This will get the BB cartridge out with the spindle leaving only the LH cup. The RH cup is seized as well though, so I'm planning to:

    1) Spray Plus Gas down the seat tube, leave for 24 hours, add more, repeat for 2-3 days

    2) Chill the whole BB shell area to near 0°C in a tub of ice water. Aluminium BB cups should shrink more than the steel BB shell.

    3) Use the BBT-5 in a vice to hopefully release RH cup

    4) If this fails then I'll maybe buy some Loctite Freeze & Release which can go down to -33°C.

    5) Then I'll only have a stuck LH cup which I can hopefully release by drifting it out, or by using the angle grinder pin spanner, or by some other more nasty method involving drills and hack saws. Sheldon has a neat looking method involving a beefy bolt, several washers and a nut. I love how, 10 years after first reading it, the Sheldon Brown website still teaches me new things.

    If I destroy the RH cup teeth before releasing it then I'm in real trouble. I could perhaps eat away at the face of a cup and pull the cartridge out, then hack saw that cup out and use Sheldon Brown's method (above) on the remaining intact cup.

  • Sounds like a lot of faff ... if you can get the DS cup out, it could be solved in half an hour with a junior hacksaw / dremel and a bit of flat bar.


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