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  • I got a few sessions in over summer/sept at HHV seniors intermediate. Was so good, it made me realise that although I hate being fat old and unfit, any progress on the track feels brilliant.

    So grateful to coaches and everyone for doing their best while it was possible.

    Lots of new rules about distancing. I did wonder though... once you’re riding in bunches, you’re not really distancing. If all this stuff about aerosol transmission is right, drafting can’t really be a good idea. Can it?

  • ...drafting can’t really be a good idea. Can it?

    When we went back to work and it looked like we were going to get punters back in at Glasgow I always thought people would probably feel like this and stay away.

    Guess it depends how much you trust your fellow cyclists to not be coming to the track if they feel at all symptomatic and to not be doing anything that puts themselves at risk of infection when they’re not at the track.

    Given that at track league up here there’s a well established habit of storing the safety pins for numbers on the floor which causes countless punctures of very expensive tubs, I’d trust track riders about as far as I could throw them.


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