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  • Anyone know how many flu vaccinations are given each year?

    'More than 14m' in 2019.

    I agree 25m is loads but I don't know if it is 'enough'.

    For me enough of the population are vaccinated when the numbers in hospital are declining while life goes back to something more normal (tier 1 or lower perhaps). There might be a lot of infected people about but as long as that isn't leading to hospitalization I'd accept that.

  • I agree 25m is loads but I don't know if it is 'enough'.

    I guess there are a lot of people for whom covid isn't a high risk virus. 25m would cover all over-50s and those vulnerable for instance. It's not perfect but it would hugely alleviate the stress on the system.

  • That's my thoughts too. Vaccinate the vulnerable and far fewer people end up in hospital. But there are still the unfortunate people that aren't vulnerable and still get very ill. If we haven't vaccinated under 50s and all go back to swinging parties will we uncover a lot of those unfortunate people very quickly?


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