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  • Ace stuff. Does 'drum up' refer to lighting a fire specifically then? I think I first saw in a CTC mag article about a Glasgow(?) group that rode up into the hills for a drum up; without context I'd have presumed it was a synonym for 'brew up'.
    Alas, the West Mids are built up enough that our group rides pretty much always stop at a cafe or somewhere else not conducive to pyromania. On solo rides I sometimes take the Trangia or a meths stove at this time of year, but might have to ask around if there are any local spots suitable/amenable to fire; I can think of a couple of potential candidates, but don't know if they're on farm land.

  • I think really yeah it is meant to relate to getting a brew on rather than the fire.

    We tossed the 'burn up' label around a bit but dunno if that'll stick.

    This Herald article talks about a spot which is just off a road we regularly ride but I think it's the kind of place where you really need to be invited in. One of the guys I work with is a bit more familiar with it and says the farmer/landowner has helped the guys build wee sheds and stuff. Current climate doesn't really seem conducive to inviting ourselves to this spot.

    I think if can find a spot where we could stash stuff then it'd become more of a proper 'drum up' spot rather than just a fire and beers. I canny drink instant coffee and I'm not really a tea fan so a couple cans of beer is the easiest thing to carry.


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