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  • In summer we often have a beer (or two or three) in a park at the end of our rides, normally in winter we'd move to a pub where we can sit in but pubs up here aren't really open at the moment and I'm in no rush to return to one. Just sitting out in the cold having a beer seems like a miserable undertaking right now so we've been trying to find an ideal burn up/drum up spot. Somewhere we can have a fire and sit around with a beer or a tea and have a chat etc.

    Tried a couple spots so far, first one had a good supply of standing dead wood which we could use as fuel for the fire but a farmer came round and while he didn't move us on or anything, just asked what we were doing, I reckon he'd quickly get pissed off with us being there.

    Next spot was much more out of view so nobody bothered us but there was precious little wood around to burn.

    How many of you have a regular drum up/fire spot that you visit?

    Do you stash stuff there?

    Whether you have a regular spot or not, if this is the kind of thing you do, what is in your 'fire kit'?

    Is 'drum up' a known term for you lot south of the border or is it a Scottish term?

    Few snaps from our latest spot...

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