• Whiskery stuff is the threads, I imagine. At the shop I always recommended changing the tyre if the sidewall threads were exposed, and definitely if they’re frayed, or you’re potentially risking a blowout.

    If you have a relaxed riding style and are certain the tyre’s structurally sound and want to go ahead with it, vulcanising rubber solution works on tyre rubber too, you’d just need to clean it really well with isopropyl alcohol then proceed like you would an inner tube. There’s bigger puncture patches marketed for motorcycles online, they work the same but you’d want to use clamps or heavy books to hold the patch down while it vulcanises. It won’t do anything to strengthen the sidewall structure, but it will help protect the threads from further external abrasion. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to see the threads later on to check if they’re ok.

    Sorry for the bummer news, at the end of the day it’s your call. Just at least put it on the back wheel because a front blowout on clinchers and rim brakes can be even more dangerous than on the back (which is also dangerous).


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