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  • Sinopharm (major Chinese state-owned pharma co) has a vaccine and some of the other state-owned pharma companies are developing others. They're not bothering with stage3 testing. 1 million people have been vaccinated so far - father of a friend of a friend who works in a part of Sinopharm was apparently vaccinated in early stages back in April, which is all levels of absurd.

    The pharma industry in China is dodgy as hell - bribery, corruption, fake vaccines, false test results, poor cold chain, sex scandals, etc etc etc... Approval for new drugs usually takes 12-24 months though this is often faster for drugs developed in China (see above: corruption; also, nationalism), but they're going for approval now!­article/3111347/coronavirus-sinopharm-ap­plies-regulatory-approval-china-launch


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