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  • ^^ I love seeing leadership in our leaders. This is not it.

    I foresee LTN schemes growing ever more costly and therefore difficult to implement widely. There seems to be growing demand for ANPR cameras to satisfy motorists living within LTN cells (cf LBHF). This will increase costs dramatically and only deliver half baked schemes.

    In hindsight, I'm privileged to be in islington where they just got on and did it with covid-19 (after 20 years of umming and ahhing, but i didn't live here back then). I believe we will continue to see real progress in transport with leadership in the neighbourhoods of City of London, Hackney, Islington and Camden (and others), and a widening gap with other boroughs like Wandsworth. The LCC's Healthy Streets borough scorecards will be interesting to look at over time.


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