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  • Where to look for that really high-end bed linen? Want to get my folks some for christmas because they would never treat themselves and what better gift to give than luxurious bedding. But, for the full set (sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases) the top of the range at John Lewis/The White Company is ~£500+. I had no fucking idea. Are there decent, gift-worthy, options that aren't quite so spenny or is it a case of you get what you pay for and if you want that 5* deluxe you need to splash out?


  • We used Bedfolk and really like it. Arrives in a nice bag, so good as a gift. They also do quilts and pillows I think? But yes for the full set especially in silly big sizes it ain't cheap. But it is dead comfy. Think we had a discount code we found online. Think it was about £300 from memory included a fitted sheet.

  • Maybe look for stuff made in Portugal/Italy, like websites based in those countries?


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