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  • Thanks, really comprehensive!
    When you say "oats" I assume you mean rolled, not steel cut. From what I hear and read rolled oats are too quickly absorbed into our system plus a few other minuses vs steel cut. I think my blender (don't have it yet) will be capable of taking on steel cut oats though I'm not sure I'd be any better off than with rolled.
    I think I want to add in some kind of dark greens, maybe kale or a type of chard.

  • Rolled oats have lost their bran, which has more protein and fibre - but you can buy oat bran separately and add it back.

    It's a bit gritty, but not unpleasant, and definitely less work than putting pinhead/steel-cut oats through the blender.

  • Hm, thanks.
    Word is that these blenders with their 2 horsepower motors can do much of the chewing beforehand. Rolled oats are also steamed as part of the procedure which I’m sure also affects their nutritional value.


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