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  • Bagless is fake. Was only good when dyson first developed it due to the "no loss of suction". Now that bagged vacuums don't drop suction as they fill up bagged is the way to go.

  • +1 Bagged all day.

    I'm still using a £40 'TITAN' Screwfix own-brand wet/dry vac that I bought for hoovering up rubble when renovating my house. Does a big suck, just like any vacuum should.

  • Yep, bagged here all day long too. I had a bagless vacuum cleaner once. I kept on thinking it would be nice if the detritus could be kept in an easily-disposable container rather than a plastic tub I had to empty and then clean. And it didn't filter that well - it was almost as though an extra filter was needed. Perhaps in the shape of a bag...