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  • Yeah a mavic gruppo would suit a Rossin well, given the team heritage (there's a cool mavic decal on the fork), but his gruppo is way too scruffy to fit a repainted frame (i.e. see the rust on the front dr). I was thinking either DA 7400, superbe pro, 1st gen athena or sugino 75 (if I'm ever going to complete that group). Considering spending all the budget on the respray I'd rather use something I already have lying around. Buying more stuff will only get me in trouble...
    Oh and it's a 58 frame, 56.5 toptube, exactly my type.
    Would you consider a sick fades scheme?

  • I’d love sick fadez but it would take me forever to decide and commit to a combination...

    @Matisse yeah there are!

    And on that note, another colour reference - lilac Raleigh shopper... saw a resprayed Raleigh 753 from @DustyRumble once upon a time and he said it was a colour Raleigh and Carlton used, and that Mario Vaz knew it as ‘Mario’s Lilac’ - I’d vowed to have a frame painted in it when the opportunity presented itself...

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