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  • I purchased the car on ebay about 1 week before lockdown started, had to wait 3 months to finally pick up the car (when Boris said it was ok).

    I deliberately wanted the 2.8 6 cylinder model over the flaky timing chain issues of V8's and complexity of 2 engines welded together (V12 750). I've had the engine before in a green 328i touring which was a delight.

    Average spec, genuine sport, decent colour, with an uber rare sport interior - Half Nappa leather half alcantara (sadly no contours).

    Needs a fair bit 0f work, already carried out the following:-
    *Replaced fuel tank
    *Oil filter housing gasket
    *Water pump & thermostat
    *Belts and pulleys

    To do:
    *DSC control unit rebuild
    *Full service - all fluids filters & plugs
    *CCV & vac lines
    *Dash cluster pixles


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